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Counterpart-assistance: No longer a dream beyond reach for balanced education

From the Editor:

the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China(abbreviated as RDFZ), a Beijing-based top high school with rich educational resources, signed an agreement on establishing a sister school relationship with Bijie Middle School of Nationalities , located in a remote area of southwest China’s Guizhou province in 2011. According to the agreement, six to eight senior two students with ability and integrity from Bijie Middle School of Nationalities will be sent to RDFZ for one-year-long study each year. The agreement also says that one or two teachers of Bijie Middle School of Nationalities will have the opportunity to come to the Beijing-based prestige school to learn advanced ideas from the school teachers who abound in a wealth of teaching experiences, all for free. Three years having passed by, the cooperation has registered fruitful results, with a considerable boost of educational quality on the part of Bijie Middle School of Nationalities.

For the definition of educator, famous Chinese educator Mr. Tao Xingzhi once made such an interpretation: “Firstly, an educator should be eager to explore truth unveiled before; secondly, an educator should be equally bold to tread on uncivilized borderland.”Madame Liu Pengzhi, principal of the High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China,possesses both of the two qualities and is widely hailed as a model of contemporary Chinese educators.

Within a short span of 10-plus years, RDFZ has been advanced from a Beijing key school to a renowned school “leading in China, first-class in the world”, and has located a pathway for the development of China’s basic education with distinctive Chinese features.

After more than ten years’ unremitting explorations, RDFZ has greatly promoted the balanced development of education and contributed tremendously to educational equality with its unique quality educational resources and its commitment to education------ not only “maintain personal integrity” but also “benefit all the people in the world”.

Bijie Middle School of Nationalities in China’s Guizhou province is among the resource- deficient schools in the west that RDFZ delivers assistance to. Over the past three years, following the guidance of RDFZ and its Principal Liu Pengzhi, Bijie Middle School of Nationalities has created one miracle after another, advanced by leaps and bounds at an unexpectedly fast speed and has generated great influence, unprecedented in the school history.

As we all know, Guizhou province was the last one to implement the new curriculum reform for high schools across the country. Bijie Middle School of Nationalities in the province is a provincial-level demonstration high school featuring the integration of national, rural and poverty-alleviation attributes. Its reputation as “provincial-level demonstration high school” actually existed in name only, for the school had not undergone any substantial improvement due to the constraints of student pool, faculty quality and school facilities. February 2009 saw us joining the “the Basic Educational Resources Construction and Sharing Alliance” initiated by RDFZ, the “aircraft carrier” in China’s basic education, thus ushering in a new era for our school’s development.

As well as offering us a “gas station” for educational wisdom, the“Alliance” has actually opened up a new world of education for teachers of Bijie Middle School of Nationalities.

What makes me most unforgettable is former General Secretary of CPC Central Committee Hu Jintao’s visit to RDFZ on September 9, 2010, during which General Secretary Hu Jintao watched an interactive teaching and learning program between RDFZ and two other schools -----Liupanshan Middle School in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and Bijie Middle School of Nationalities in Guizhou. Through a live video system, General Secretary Hu talked with teachers and students from our school. When learning that the children here benefited a lot from the distance learning package, General Secretary Hu was more than happy. He then encouraged students there to make the best use of the distance learning program to learn more and learn better so as to become the future talents of the nation.

Later in April 2011, an inspection team of RDFZ with principal Zhou Jianhua as the head came to our school to sign an agreement on establishing sister school relationship with us, along with carrying out exchanges and offering guidance. The agreement says that there will be in-depth cooperation in all aspects in areas of teachers’ trainings, student cultivation as well as on-the-job training for cadres.

In the past three years, RDFZ has dispatched school leaders, leaders of a number of grades, subjects and lesson-preparation groups as well as some renowned teachers, all together 17, to come to our school to either offer teaching guidance covering 9 subjects included in the nation college entrance exams or participate in research activities. They spread advanced educational ideas and shared their teaching experiences by means of listening to and evaluating lessons delivered by our teachers, delivering demonstration classes, answering questions as well as by offering a series of lectures.

In addition, RDFZ has trained a total number of 57 cadres and teachers of Bijie Middle School of Nationalities. All together, twenty-four senior two students with virtue and talent have stepped into the classroom of RDFZ to study with their urban peers. The day of September 22, 2012 witnessed the establishment of “RDFZ Unified School HQ”, with the aim of further improving the long-term assistance mechanism. Bijie Middle School of Nationalities felt honored to become a member of it.

Over the past three years, RDFZ has been providing incessant assistance characterized by concrete measures, down-to-earth efforts and brilliant achievements, thus becoming the highlight in promoting balanced education in the pilot zone of Bijie.

Thanks to the support and assistance from RDFZ, Bijie Middle School of Nationalities has scored a number of merits and achievements: Teaching quality greatly improved, with gaokao(the national college entrance exams) performance ranking third from the previous 10th place three years ago in Bijie; school scale keeps expanding with an annual increase of 200 fresh senior one students; significant achievements have been registered in education and research, with the number of research findings reaching the sum of those in previous ten-odd years combined; teachers’ overall qualities have got an overall enhancement, with the city-level renowned teachers and backbone teachers doubling in three years ; and lots of prizes were secured in sports and arts competitions. On the whole, all aspects of our school work are flourishing.

As for me, it is such an honor to become a member of “Liu Pengzhi Training Base for Excellent Principals”. As the principal of Bijie Middle School of Nationalities, I have improved and experienced growth personally. In February 2013, I was awarded the honors of “City Management Expert” and Bijie “Renowned Principal”.

With thoroughly applying the decision of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and comprehensive implementation of "National Outline for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development”, promotion of educational equality and balanced education will no longer be a faraway dream for under-developed areas inhabited by ethnic minorities.

(Source: China Ethnic News )