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Profile of Liu Pengzhi

Liu Pengzhi is a researcher of China Central Institute for Culture and History of the Counselors’ Office of the State Council, member of National Educational Advisory Committee, president of the Society for Cultivating Innovators, consulting Expert of Outline of National Medium-and Long-Term Program for Education Reform and Development, expert of the National Working Committee of Curriculum Materials on Basic Education, member of the Ministry of Education Educational Expert Committee, member of the Expert Group of Ministry of Education Ethics Construction and Research Project, host at RDFZ Training Base of The Pilot Program for High-end Training for Outstanding Principals in Elementary and Secondary Education (a national training program initiated by the Ministry of Education), vice president of China Association of Inventions, as well as a researcher, doctoral supervisor, national Outstanding Teacher of High School Mathematics, principal of the United School of RDFZ (short for “The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China”) Group of Schools.
Five decades working in education, Madam Liu Pengzhi developed the educational thoughts system putting “love and respect” as the core. She has the following publications: “The One Great Purpose in Life”, “The Educational Philosophy and Practice of Liu Pengzhi”, “An Educator Holding Up the Future”, etc., which has become important materials for the training and research of principals of basic education. In 2009, Madam Liu was appointed the Counselor to the State Council. She has proposed many valuable comments and suggestions for the reform and development of China’s basic education, which has been attached great importance to by China’s national leaders. Madam Liu has a broad and profound impact on basic education in China.
At the mean time, Madam Liu Pengzhi has developed an innovative system of educational practice, putting “leading and shouldering” as the core. Under her leadership, RDFZ witnessed rapid development and has become “a domestically leading and internationally first-class” renowned school. RDFZ has become a window towards the quality basic education of Beijing and China. She has created a comprehensive educational model featuring “people-oriented, diversified and open”, laying a solid foundation for the group of top-notch innovative talents. Such achievement has won the first prize of the First National Educational Award on Basic Education and has received wide acclaim from both home and abroad and from all walks of life. The research project she supervised has won 2nd prize of National Science and Technology Advancement Award. Madam Liu Pengzhi has a strong sense of social responsibility, leading RDFZ to “pursue the maximizing of social responsibilities” and creating models such as targeted helping, entrusted management, integrating management, cross-regional cooperation, distant sharing, receiving “exchange students”, nurturing “outstanding principals and outstanding teachers”, etc. Through various ways, more than 6000 schools have received assistance and help, benefiting more than 700,000 teachers and students and achieving outstanding results, on the basis of which The United School of RDFZ Group of Schools has been established. In 2014, RDFZ was awarded “The Advanced Group of National Social Poverty Alleviation” by The State Council Leading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development and it was the only high school receiving the honor.